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     Welcome to the world of 1d8 gaming!  Our unique system allows for quick combat, smooth skill checks, and less dice to ease play.  We love table top gaming, and know our systems will keep the enjoyment going for years to come!  Check out the website (some parts under construction) and let us know what you want to see!


Our first release:  Waverly - Ash Can Edition!  Coming soon for sale!  This edition is stripped down for cost with basic formatting and little artwork.  Go ahead and get a character sheet, and creation rules for free!  Links for PDF download are below. 

Waverly Armageddon Character Sheet.pdf Waverly Armageddon Character Sheet.pdf
Size : 300.644 Kb
Type : pdf
Creation only.pdf Creation only.pdf
Size : 555.22 Kb
Type : pdf

 Red Death is still in the Works, Salem World is FOR SALE NOW!

First release