Imagine a world where history took a dark turn for the Colonies, and a new Puritan movement to power arose! This is Salem World! The year is 1705, and the Witch Trials (1692-1693) have breathed new life in New England! After the 20 witches had been purged from their ranks, Governor Joseph Dudley (spurred by the death of acting Governor William Stoughton in 1701) and Chief Magistrate Thomas Newton gathered men to take over the Northern (Present day Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine) and Southern (Present day New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) parts of New England; in a bid to become autonomous from Crown control. England never saw it coming. By 1700, the country of New England was recognized by the Crown under William III; hoping to gain support from his protestant subjects, but only gained enmity from the Church of England and the Holy Roman Empire. To further this problem, Massachusetts passes a law ordering all Roman Catholic priests to leave all Puritan Territories. Failure to do so by September 1, 1700 held a minimum penalty of Life in prison, at the Newly completed Pennsylvanian Solitary Confinement Prison called, “The William Stoughton Penitentiary”(Known as the “Wasp” [W.S.P]). It could house up to 980 prisoners at any given time. Though it took fifteen years to complete, the new law filled it within months.

News of the law and its impact spread quickly to Rome, and was met with swift action. Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, sent out letters to all his allies requesting aide for an attack on the Puritan state. Most Notably, Duke Joseph Ferdinand of Bolivia sided quickly against such a move, hoping to improve relations with England and his wanted territories in Spain. This rejection; however, gave Leopold his needed motive to strike! Under Leopold I, the Holy Roman Empire invaded the Virginia Colony at Jamestown in 1701; under the guise of the War of Spanish Succession. He used the fact that Spain had settlements in the New World that had sworn allegiance to William III and Duke Joseph Ferdinand of Bolivia; and the Virginia Colony was being used as a base to send Arms and Men to fight. After an extended battle with Colonial Militia and English Military; the Virginia and Carolina colonies fell under the control of the Holy Roman Empire. William (and Queen Anne after his death) held ground in Maryland and Delaware until Leopold I's death in 1705.

The forces once used for conquest moved out to battle other enemies in Europe; and a stability force was in place at the Virginia-Maryland border. The Accords of Hagerstown placed these permanent borders: Puritan Territory: Pennsylvania, New York, East and West Jersey, Long Island (Embattled with England), Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Capitol City – Boston. English Territory: Maryland, Delaware, and Ohio (Embattled with France). Capitol City – Hagerstown Holy Roman Territory: Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (Embattled with Spain). Capitol City – Jamestown. Take part in adventure, and conquest, as you decide what side you will choose. Will you become a Puritan Witch Hunter, a Holy Roman Soldier, an English Colonist, or even a Catholic Exorcist? In this world you will have to choose a side (or at least seem to), and face this alternate history in full. Do you want to adventure for gold? Maybe hunt down the evils of this world? Fight for freedom from the ruling class, becoming a patriot or terrorist for the cause? Spy for the State or Crown, and keep the citizens safe? All you need to know is in the Game!

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